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the bagel hole

The Bagel Hole is Malta's first bagel shop located in the capital city of Valletta. Floating world was commissioned to design the interior space, which is tucked in a cantina under an existing limestone building. The aim was to create a locale in the spirit of a flagship while respecting the existing architecture. An original wall and arch were left bare and the signature pink color was selected to complement the earthy beige tones of the limestone. Micro-cement was used for the walls, floor and high bar to create uniform base for the space. This is then accentuated with stainless steel furnishings and grid lines from the tiles and metal mesh, which serves as a hanging system and also relates back to the central arch.

The space hopes to welcome visitors and create a unique specialty bagel shop experience while creating a spatial identity that is in line with the brand of The Bagel Hole.

all photos by Ramon Portelli

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