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on an island where limestone pretends to grow

on an island where limestone pretends to grow is a  zine documenting the process, research and inspiration for Limestone Home Objects. Contains all original photography by floating world.

Copy editing and foreword by Gabriel Zammit


18 cm x 26 cm  

70 pages

selected sample pages*

LHO Zine Final_Page_07.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_06.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_54.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_55.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_44.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_45.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_32.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_33.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_12.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_13.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_18.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_19.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_17.jpg
LHO Zine Final_Page_16.jpg
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